Our Story

Like many other young girls of my time, .I  began cooking with my mom "Aai" when I was about 12 years old, I loved the way she turned simple ingredients into delicious meals with her freshly made spices, and was fascinated by the treasure trove of ingredients in her kitchen.

She started me on simple tasks like shopping for fresh vegetables and herbs from local produce markets and rolling out rotis (flatbreads) for daily meals, and taught me traditional recipes for the numerous festivals celebrated in India.. 

​A few years later I was promoted to cooking side dishes and main courses on my own, and trying out new spice combinations turned into a lifelong passion. 
My Seven Happy Seeds products are fruits of all the tinkering I have been doing with spices in my "forever test kitchen", and now it is my pleasure to help you make your favorite Indian recipes in your own kitchen!

                Here is wishing you many mouth-watering meals
                                    Seven Happy Seeds