South Coast spice

for Lentils, vegetables, Chicken Seafod, & Rice

 Savory Rice Crispy Snack (Chivda)

         An Addictive Munch


               Pakora Batter Mix

for Vegetable, Fish, and Chicken Fritters


             Mumbai Fish Fry

 for Pan-fried Fish, Chicken, & Vegetables

                    Spice Gifts

​Customized gift hampers made to order

             Pilaf spice

for Rice, Quinoa, Couscous, Soups

​              & Vegetables

        Mint Raita & Chutney spice

    for Yogurt, Salads, and Vegetables

             Sambar Soup Mix

 for Savory Lentil & Vegetable Soup

      Rice Crepe Flour

for Crispy Savory Crepes

Enjoy with Sambar Soup Mix


              Chai Tea spice

 for Chai Tea, Coffee, Cookies, & Pies


        Tandoori Marinade & Rub

​   for Chicken, Fish, & Vegetables

                Chana Masala spice

​  for Chicken, Beans, Vegetables, & Eggs

              Pav-Bhaji spice

​  for Veggie Burgers & Rice Biryani