South Coast spice

for Lentils, vegetables, Chicken Seafod, & Rice

               Pakora Batter Mix

for Vegetable, Fish, and Chicken Fritters


      Rice Crepe Flour

for Crispy Savory Crepes

Enjoy with Sambar Soup Mix


 Savory Rice Crispy Snack (Chivda)

         An Addictive Munch


        Tandoori Marinade & Rub

​   for Chicken, Fish, & Vegetables

              Pav-Bhaji spice

​  for Veggie Burgers & Rice Biryani

             Mumbai Fish Fry

 for Pan-fried Fish, Chicken, & Vegetables

                Chana Masala spice

​  for Chicken, Beans, Vegetables, & Eggs

              Chai Tea spice

 for Chai Tea, Coffee, Cookies, & Pies


        Mint Raita & Chutney spice

    for Yogurt, Salads, and Vegetables

             Pilaf spice

for Rice, Quinoa, Couscous, Soups

​              & Vegetables

                    Spice Gifts

​Customized gift hampers made to order

             Sambar Soup Mix

 for Savory Lentil & Vegetable Soup